Monday, August 1, 2016

The Wolf Who Cried "Boy"?

                The majority of people- and nations- refused to believe Hitler and his Third Reich were a menace prior to World War II. Excuses were made and appeasement was the policy. Winston Churchill desperately tried to make people- and nations- see the truth. He was ignored, when he wasn’t mocked, for his trouble. Of course, he was (unfortunately) eventually completely vindicated. What calamity, heartbreak and slaughter could have been averted had the world at the time simply listened to reason.
                Fast forward to today. President Obama won’t even acknowledge the existence of radical Islamic terror, despite Islamic terror occurring all around us on a near daily basis. There have been over 28,800 Islamic terror attacks globally since 9/11. In June, 2016 alone there were 238 attacks that killed 2055 people and injured 2006 more… in 33 countries.
                Once again, those that are pleading for vigilance and strength are being ignored or mocked as the mainstream media and The Elites simultaneously tell us that “Islam Is A Religion Of Peace” and that it’s our fault they are killing us in such extraordinary numbers, anyway.
                There is a reason that an unbiased teaching of history is critical to the survival of mankind. Just as it is vital that there exist a free and impartial media to report on current events. That the former is not occurring and the latter essentially does not exist, except in small pockets of talk-radio and the internet, should be deeply troubling to any sentient Western being. That it is not is more disturbing still.

                If we are to avoid yet another Holocaust and World War, with casualties again in the millions, and/or a return to the Dark Ages, we must be willing to accept the truth.  We must fight, today, for freedom and our way of life.

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