Thursday, July 28, 2016

Democratic National Convention Paying "Seat Fillers" In Unity Charade?

                 Everything about this Democratic National Convention is fake. You can’t believe anything that comes out of the speaker’s mouths. American flags were added only after many pointed out that there were none in the arena on day one of the show. (Now we know where they found them: six flagpoles atop the Philadelphia City Hall building are bare today. An unnamed city official says they were transported to the DNC convention stage)! Seeing delegates- and supposed delegates- holding up placards reading “Stronger America” boggles the mind. That’s akin to Nazis at a party function holding up signs stating “More Jews.” Does anyone really, honestly believe this crap? If so, I doubt they would’ve bought an Exxon or BP marketing campaign with the slogan “Cleaner Oceans,” in the days after their respective disasters.
                Big media and Hollywood types, themselves experts at staging fiction- and practiced in performance art- are aiding and abetting this mother of all ruses. And reveling in every minute of their deception.
                And now we find out that the DNC is apparently paying people to fill the vast numbers of seats left open by the mass exodus of Bernie Sanders supporters. It seems they actually took out an ad on Craigslist headed “Actors Needed For National Convention (Philadelphia).” The ad reads, in part, “you will be paid $50.00 each night for the remainder of the convention. You will be required to cheer at all times and will be asked to dress properly and possibly wear some promotional material.”
                 Can’t let the people see the reality! This is a unified party! We are all in this together, pulling in the same direction! Can’t you feel the love tonight?!
                The mass media drools over every drop of these artificial sweeteners. It is hard to tell if they get more aroused by mocking Trump or stroking the Democratic ticket.

                This is a canned convention. For today’s Democrats, symbolism is substance. They are pretenders. “Deceit in retreat” should be the motto for this Faux Party, not “Stronger America.”

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