Monday, July 18, 2016

Notes On Terror

                                                            Notes On Terror
                There are three main themes the mainstream media strenuously attempts to foist on its consumers, as regards the continual Islamic terror attacks worldwide. All three are wildly, demonstrably wrong.
                Theme one: this is primarily a gun problem. Theme two: the Western democracies have brought the attacks upon themselves by their a) actions, or b) inaction. Theme three: this has nothing to do with Islam, which we all know is a “Religion of Peace.”  Let’s examine each of these subterfuges on a case-by-case basis, shall we?
                Theme one: the recent horrific attack in France was carried out with a truck. Guess what stopped this attack, like almost all the other ones? Firearms! The crazed lorry driver was finally shot to death. I haven’t heard the media call for a ban on trucks or “assault vehicles.” President Obama hasn’t shed a tear pleading for Congress to pass tougher truck-driving laws. Even if he had, it would’ve made no damn difference because the/a truck would have been stolen anyway. Criminals don’t obey laws. If they did, they couldn’t be called criminals.
                Moreover, jihadists have used planes, bulldozers, tractors, knives, machetes, bombs, and explosives - in addition to vehicles- to carry out terror attacks over recent years. It wouldn’t matter if they used bows and arrows, poison gas, baseball bats, weed-whackers, lawn-jarts or boiling acid to pull off their atrocities. Dead is dead.
                Theme two: I have recently read several newspaper and online articles blaming France for the attacks against her. “France has a serious problem integrating its Muslim communities into the societal mainstream,” they all exclaimed. Couldn’t be the other way around, could it? France, like America and other Western European nations, has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees from North Africa and/or the Middle East, and bent over backward to accommodate them and not offend them.
                I hear similar twaddle about the United States. This hoax usually goes something like: “If the U.S. hadn’t made mistakes in Afghanistan and Syria…” or, “If the United States hadn’t invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait or Iowa, these attacks never would have happened!” There are those who also blame discrimination for the attacks. That’s preposterous. Based on years of personal observations where I live and roam, nothing could be further from the truth. At my high-school alma-matter’s graduation ceremony last month, the principle of the school asked the crowd on two separate occasions to refrain from cheering or clapping, etc., after any/each graduate received their diploma, as it was an enormous graduating class and they needed to proceed quickly, especially in the brutal heat and humidity. Cheering for one would make it likely that the next person- or persons- name(s) wouldn’t be heard at all.  We were entreated to show respect and wait until giving a loud and long round of applause for all at the end of the ceremony. The majority complied. Yet, almost every time a “Mohammed,” or other likely Muslim name was announced the place went bonkers with screaming and shouting and clapping and jumping up and down by their often hordes of relatives. This went on the entire ceremony. After a while, a few of us Infidels rolled our eyes, but no other protestations were forthcoming.
                What’s more, Catholics weren’t welcomed to America with open arms, yet somehow they managed to refrain from routinely committing acts of terror. The Irish were discriminated against to a degree in the U.S. (“No Irish Need Apply”), yet they too failed to engage in planned- or random- mass attacks on innocent people. Today, in academia, media, the arts, etc., conservatives are roundly discriminated against and are victims of exclusion, but we don’t go around beheading folks- innocent or otherwise.
                Theme 3: This has everything to do with Islam, as virtually all of these attacks have been carried out by Muslims. This is not to say that all Muslims are terrorists, far from it. Many are decent, kind, productive citizens. But almost none of them voluntarily stand up and loudly, vehemently, categorically denounce all these Islamist terrorists and their acts. Most polls, whether taken in America or Europe, show a majority of practicing Muslims prefer Sharia Law to democracy.


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