Friday, July 1, 2016

The West Surrendering To Radical Secularists And Radical Islam Simultaneously

                 Remarkably, the West- with its long and glorious history of enlightenment and freedom, independence and courage under fire- now seems intent on voluntarily surrendering, concurrently, to secular and Islamic despotism. At their zenith, free Western states were based on certain fundamental Christian tenets, while enjoying certain secular activities. They were largely tolerant, but not of true evil- or their own destruction. The majorities in these nations exercised restraint, but did not bow to a small minority’s every wish and whim. In this way, despite struggles and imperfections, they were able to believe in a better future.
                No longer.
                It is particularly ironic that when Europeans- and eventually Americans- allow their cultures and history to be pushed aside forever, it will be in deference to both the radical secularists and radical Islamists. Neither one of these groups is capable of building, maintaining, and managing a functional modern-day society, let alone leading it into a successful future. They will, of course, be utterly incompatible and unable to live together, as well.
                Chaos, anarchy and violence will reign. Welcome to the Dark Ages 2.0.

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