Friday, July 29, 2016

Democrats: Practiced At The Art Of Deception

                The Democrats, speaking at their quadrennial saturnalian celebration of prevarication and demagoguery, have masterfully raised stultiloquence to an art form. Professing to be what they most obviously are not, claiming their foes are what they most obviously are not, and disingenuously commenting on every topic they address, they zealously attempt to bamboozle- read “bleep”- the increasingly ignorant American people.
                The Crimean Peninsula is in Russian hands. China and Russia have planned joint naval exercises. China is building illegal “artificial islands” to help in projecting its already substantial power to the south and east. North Korea is more belligerent than ever before. The same goes for Iran, whose leadership is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has impounded American sailors as well, even after we capitulated on the ridiculous nuclear arms deal, granting them the bomb in half the time it otherwise would’ve taken them to develop. Our reaction? The Obama administration apologized to Iran! Russian planes routinely act with impunity, testing American pilot’s skill and resolve and skirting our airspace. Eastern European nations are nervous. It seems like almost everyone has hacked into our “public servants” e-mail accounts. Islamic radicals in ISIS and other groups are killing people around the world in their attempt to create a new Caliphate.
                We are neither feared nor respected by many who used to fear and/or respect us.
                And supporters of Obama and Hillary, the very people most responsible for the sudden American collapse, dare to sport “Stronger America” signs??!!! Truth, reason, honor, integrity, shame, self-respect…all have been sacrificed on the Democrats altar of entitlement and victim-hood.
                Yet Donald Trump makes an offhand remark about hoping the Russian’s have Hillary’s missing e-mails and the mainstream media acts like he just slugged the Pope. We as-good-as know they have her e-mails. She is the villain, the lawbreaker, the one careless- or worse- with America’s intelligence. However the missing e-mails come to light, should they ever do so, it would be a good thing.
                To say that there is a pattern here is an enormous understatement. Bill Clinton is an “alleged” serial rapist, and a known philanderer. And the press is constantly asking Trump about his treatment of women, and this despite his wife and daughter’s comments! Funny, didn’t heard anybody in the mainstream press question Bill about his treatment of women during the DNC show.

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