Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ISIS Beheads Priest, Democrats Shun Flag And Remain Silent On Terror

                Islamic terrorists stormed the Gambetta Catholic church in Normandy, France, early this morning, beheaded an elderly priest and inflicted grievous injuries on a nun, while shouting "Allahu Akbar." They then performed a sermon in Arabic, literally worshipping at the altar of death.
                French president Francois Hollande declared that France was now “at war” with ISIS.
                It’s about time someone was.
                Contrast Hollande’s statement with the speeches at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia yesterday. Sixty-one of the Democrat’s finest spoke on Monday. Not one of them even mentioned “ISIS” or used the words “terrorism” or “Islamic.” (A fact that was verified this morning by Politifact).

                Incredibly, some Bernie backers marched in the streets outside of the arena carrying the flag of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Some Democrats inside the Wells Fargo Center waved a Palestinian flag.
                Not one American flag was visible in the Center. One literally couldn’t visually ascertain what country Hillary aspires to lead.

                Democrats no longer even bother to hide their true colors- or lack of them, as the case may be. It is shocking, sickening and pathetic. Those of you afraid of a world with Donald Trump as the American president better consider removing your head from your anal cavity.
                ISIS will never go away. They are not “the J.V. team.” They must be defeated. There is no alternative that includes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They are slowly succeeding in taking away our way of life. ISIS hates liberty, hates Christianity, hates the West. It craves power and worships death.
                Just like the Democratic Party.

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