Friday, July 8, 2016

North Korean Foreign Minister Declares His Own Country A Nuclear Threat

                 Han Song Ryol, director-general of U.S. affairs at the North Korean Foreign Ministry- and the top Hermit Kingdom official for U.S. relations- said that his country is now “a nuclear threat,” and plans more nuclear and missile tests. I’m unaware of any other country’s leading “diplomat” proudly proclaiming his country a nuclear “threat.” 

                 Kind of reminds me of an alley-cat arching its back and hissing at a St. Bernard.

                The U.S. “caused this issue,” Song Ryol stated. “They have to stop their military threats, sanctions and economic pressure. Without doing so, it’s like they are telling us to reconcile while they are putting a gun to our forehead.” Yes, you know that belligerent Obama administration, always bullying our adversaries and looking for every opportunity to sanctify the use of firearms, literally or figuratively! And, like, your forehead is  a pretty big target, Comrade Song Ryol.

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