Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Obama Succeeds: Requiem For A Republic

                 Obama, you did it. You really did it! The country is rocked by racial and class divisions and hatred. Healthcare prices are skyrocketing. Insurers are pulling out or going under. We are 8 trillion more dollars in debt than when you took office. We are seeing more and more terror attacks and most of us feel less safe. Illegal immigrants are bankrupting various municipalities and committing crimes at a remarkable rate. Violent crime is on the upswing in most of our major cities, as cops are afraid to do their jobs. Our enemies no longer fear or respect us and our friends no longer trust us. A lower percentage of our citizens are practicing Christians than ever before. A higher percentage are practicing Muslims than ever before. Wage rates appear to have permanently stagnated. You have decimated our military and are planning to sabotage plans to enhance our nuclear deterrent capability before you leave office. And now there is a virtual black on blue civil war.

                But I shouldn’t complain. I can finally put on a dress and pee in any bathroom I like! I know, right? Yay!!

                Remember how you told small-business owners, successful people in general, etc., that “you didn’t do it.” Well you really did do it! You fundamentally transformed a once proud country! You took advantage of the tolerance and kindheartedness, the naivete’ and ignorance of the very people that put you in office. And now you mock many of them and call them names.

                The country is starting to come apart at the seams.

                You wrecked this nation.

                And you couldn’t be prouder.


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