Monday, July 11, 2016

Hate Crimes

            An indigenous woman in Calgary, Canada, recently yelled “I hate white people” before punching a white woman in the face, knocking one of her teeth out. The prosecutor reasonably argued that the unprovoked November, 2015 assault on a woman the attacker had never met was a “hate crime.”
            Judge Harry Van Harten would have none of that argument. Remarkably, Van Harten’s written decision in the case stated that the motivation of the perpetrator, Tamara Crowchief, in the attack on the victim, Lydia White, was not related to racial bias. The judge said there wasn’t enough evidence to establish the claim that Crowchief attacked White (you can’t make it up) because of her skin color, according to
            The law is loonier then it used to be. Hillary doesn’t get indicted, even for lying under oath, something even Richard Nixon never did. Nixon resigned in disgrace before he could be impeached, yet Hillary is going to be the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential candidate, and likely the new Commander-in-Chief!
            If a white man says something along the lines of, “not all blacks are great swimmers,” it’s a hate crime, but Crowchief can yell “I hate white people” in public before cold-cocking a White person she’s never even seen before, and a sitting judge is completely baffled as to her motivation?

             Utilizing critical thinking skills, exercising reason and courage, and speaking the truth are all hate crimes now.

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