Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The Third Annual Hoax-Of-The-Year Awards


I bring you this year’s group of highly anticipated and remarkably exquisite hoaxes a bit later than in the past, as I didn’t want to jump the gun (sorry, didn’t mean to trigger anyone) miss out on any developing late-year hoaxes. Once again, there is a rich and crowded field of hoaxes from which to pick. In fact, a perhaps unprecedented number of them. It’s as if, as time seems to go by faster every year, the hoaxes seem to proliferate. So, as the late, great Chris Cuomo would say, “Let’s get after it!”

As usual, there are a number of continuing hoaxes that deserve mention, such as the Any Number of Illegal Immigrants Make the Country Better and Richer Hoax, the Overpopulation Will Kill Us All Hoax and the Climate Change Will Kill Us All Hoax.

Additionally, quite a few hoaxes have taken a hit in 2022, and some may never recover, as even the more thoroughly indoctrinated and gullible Americans seem to be becoming somewhat skeptical of them. These include the Disney Loves Your Kids Hoax, the Mitch McConnell Is A Vertebrate Hoax, the Wuhan Lab Wasn’t the Source of the Coronavirus Hoax, the closely related Dr. Fauci is A Rock Star Hoax, the also closely related the COVID Vaccines Are A Godsend Hoax, the Healthcare Industry Has Only Our Best Interests At Heart Hoax, the Joe Biden Is A Decent Man And A Moderate Hoax, the Most of Those Working in the FBI And DOJ Are Good People Hoax, and the Teachers Are All Selfless, Underpaid Angels Who Love Our Kids Hoax. (Actually, the “love our kids” part might be true, but definitely not in the way a sane person would want.) Another hoax, the CNN Is a Legitimate Cable News Network Hoax, imploded in spectacular—and highly entertaining-- fashion over nearly the entire course of 2022.

Conversely, one hoax that really gained traction this year, at least among academics, is the Competence, Punctuality and Discipline Are All Aspects of White Supremacy Hoax. Speaking of growing, the Marijuana Is Good for You Hoax is also alive and well. And, incredibly, the Men Can Get Pregnant Too Hoax also appears to be gaining steam.

Then there was President Biden’s Gas Was Over $5 A Gallon “When I Took Office” Hoax. Okay, that was really just a lie, but what is a lie but the seed of a hoax, you semi-fascists?

The Elon Musk Purchasing Twitter Will Turn It Into A Sewer of Disinformation and Hate Hoax still has traction amongst leftist pundits and mainstream media “journalists.” (Sorry, elite snobs and low-life Antifa-types, that is what Twitter was before Musk bought it.) The No One Knows What Happened That Night at the Pelosi Mansion Coverup Hoax is still fresh in our minds and believed by many.

Both the Trump Took Nuclear Codes To Mar-a-Lago Hoax and the Trump Took Top-Secret Materials To Mar-a-Lago In Order To Sell Them for A Profit Hoax were highly touted by the media prior to the mid-term elections, but, oddly, were debunked by the same outlets shortly after the mid-term election results were known.

One of the prevailing—and most preposterous-- hoaxes of 2022 was the If the Red Wave Occurs, It Is the End of Our Democracy Hoax. Another—quite diabolical-- was the “Great Reset” Is A Hoax Hoax. Only the most inattentive, na├»ve, and ignorant could have bought into that one, since various heads of state and the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are all on record espousing the “Great Reset’s” necessity. (The Trudeau government’s response to the Canadian trucker’s Freedom Convoy and the Dutch government’s brazen threats to farmers should also serve as clues.)

So, before I announce the 2022 Hoax-of-the-Year Award, let me proudly introduce a new award, the Lifetime Hoax Achievement Award. Without further ado, the first ever Lifetime Hoax Achievement Award goes to……the We’re from the Government and We’re Here to Help Hoax.

That out of the way, selecting the 2022 Hoax-of-the-Year Award winner was, frankly, extremely difficult-- especially as various entities and lobbyists tried their best to influence my decision. Therefore, I am instituting Third Place and Runner-Up awards this year, in addition to the Grand Prize winner.

Third Place: a tie between the Dr. Fauci Is a Rock Star Hoax and the Joe Biden Is A Decent Man and A Moderate Hoax. Fauci is a monster who subsidized gain-of-function viral research that spiraled out of control…or worse…and then steadfastly lied about, well, everything. Biden is a young-girl-sniffing thug who enjoys verbally assaulting those who dare to disagree with him. And probably a racist. (You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.)

Second Place (Runner-Up): the If the Red Wave Happens, It’s the End of Our Democracy Hoax. This is the exact opposite of reality. How can one political party—in a “democracy”—claim that anyone voting for a candidate from another political party is trying to destroy democracy?

We have arrived at the big moment, the bestowing of the Hoax-of-the-Year Award for 2022.

And the winner is…the Great Reset Is a Hoax Hoax. In a twist, the hoax is that it is anything but a hoax. It is all too real. And all too frightening. Unlike the Red Wave That Never Was, implementation of the Great Reset would put an end to “our democracy.” And freedom around the world.

But, oh well. Here’s looking ahead to the Fourth Annual Hoax-of-the-Year awards. Imagine the possibilities.




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