Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The AP: Don't Say 'Late-Term Abortion'


The Associated Press (AP) recently updated the abortion topical guide in its AP Stylebook to urge that “late-term abortion” be scrapped in favor of “abortion later in pregnancy.”

In a Twitter post referencing the updated guidance, the AP stated: “Do not use the term ‘late-term abortion,’” citing a clinical definition from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [ACOG]. Of course, the AP Stylebook also suggests using “pregnant people” instead of “mothers,” and encourages referring to pro-life pregnancy centers in a negative fashion.

The ACOG has also preposterously claimed on their website that unborn children do not feel pain until 24 weeks’ gestation, which is exceedingly odd given that most progressives claim that fish, ants, plants-- and most other living things—can feel pain and/or experience stress, worry and loneliness.

Even more bizarrely, the AP has also declared that late-term abortions “do not happen,” even though they are legal in states such as New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Oregon and Colorado. And Michigan, via the recent mid-term (not “late-term”) elections, enshrined the “right” to abortion in its state constitution.

When you control the language, you control the people…because you effectively control thought.

The Left loves few things more than taking control of language and redefining words and phrases to bolster its agenda. And bolster its agenda it does.

University researchers in Australia have cautioned the public to refrain from using the term “shark attack” to refer to…shark attacks. Because, they say, the ocean predators have been “unfairly stigmatized as a deliberate killer.” The researchers suggest the use of “interaction,” “negative encounter,” or “incident,”  in place of the “stigmatizing” term “attack,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald.


I would like to suggest we discontinue the problematic use of “murder,” as well. Why risk unfairly stigmatizing someone as a deliberate killer? Say instead, “life-affecting interaction.”    


“Stabbing?” No! “Cutlery-based insertion.” “Rape?” Hell no! “Unauthorized and potentially negative romantic encounter.”


Robbery, burglary, car-jacking, assault? Nope. “Incidents.”   


And what should we call this rape of unauthorized and potentially negative assault on our language?


A bold and sinister attempt to permanently change the narrative-- and our culture—so that evil prevails in the long run…and America as we knew it ceases to exist?


 Or simply a “socio-political interaction?”



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