Thursday, December 1, 2022

Democrats Want More For Everybody!


It’s true! Democrats really do want more for everybody.

More poverty, hunger, privation, more destitution, more fear, more doubt, more questioning, more inflation, more Marxism, more crying. Republicans/conservatives want less of these. Less poverty, less fear, fewer tears. So, in that sense, Democrats do want more for you while conservatives would like you to make do with less.

Can conservatives win on those promises, that platform?

In fairness, the establishment of both parties, if they were being honest, would promise more of the same. More lies and bullshit. More rules, more regulations, more laws, more mandates, more lockdowns, more chaos, more oppression, more globalism.

The elites do desire less of some things, however. Less nationalism, less patriotism, less Christianity, and less freedom for starters.

Because that means more of what really matters for/to them. More control and more power.


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