Thursday, December 8, 2022

Headlines You Wouldn't Have Seen Just A Few Short Years Ago


Headlines You Would Never Have Seen Just A Few Short Years Ago:


*The People Cheering for Humanity’s End - The Atlantic

They think the planet would be better off without us. Who would know? These people must be super fun at parties. (God did instruct us to go forth and multiply, but these people think the cosmos is better off without Him, too.)

*Canada has a shortage of Grim Reapers to meet demand for assisted suicide - LifeSite (    

A big demand for assisted suicide in Canada? I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising given Trudeau’s policies.

*In too deep: John Fetterman's wife claims that swimming is 'very racist' (      

That’s correct. Every time I go for a swim, I’m really trying to stick it BIPOCs! You’ve gotta be kidding me. Mrs. Fetterman can go jump in the lake! (Except that would be racist.)

*Campus Reform | University library asks transgender students to journal about their bathroom experiences

Why is it that educators at all levels want to talk about their students’ most intimate body parts and bodily functions?

*Former UCSD professor gave all students As and no homework to ‘decolonize’ classroom | The College Fix

 Let’s “decolonize” everything! And never judge, critique or grade anything! What a fantastic world that would create! Except that nothing would exist, possibly including us. (Which might make “the people cheering for humanity’s end” happy.) With no more testing, verifying, pushback, etc., no one’s feelings would get hurt. Of course, eventually no buildings would stand, no planes would fly, and no surgeries or medical diagnoses would be performed correctly. But at least we wouldn’t be so “colonized!”

*Federal court systems to establish mentorship program that promotes a 'psychologically safe space' for 'staff who self-identify within any minoritized group' - TheBlaze

Say what?

*California city will send all adult residents, including non-US citizens, $100 in taxpayer funds to donate to political candidates - TheBlaze

Translation: We in the government want to send you other people’s money so you will be sure to vote…for the candidates that will keep sending you other people’s money! Perfectly ethical!


*Trans woman jailed for sex with 14-year-old girl - BBC News 

And “she” impregnated the 14-year-old girl. Are we tired of “women” raping and impregnating other women yet? How much longer will we keep playing this sick game?

*WI Children's Hospital Stacks Chaplain Roster With Trans Activists (

How many of them are “women?” What could go wrong?

*Republican senator claims 'survival' of US depends on codifying same-sex 'marriage' - LifeSite (

Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life here.

*Trudeau threatens the province of Alberta over its ‘Sovereignty Act,' says ‘all’ options on the table - LifeSite (

Including, perhaps, the nuclear option? Or will the formerly Black-faced monster just invade? Freeze its accounts and seize its assets? Take its NHL teams away?

*Priest Advocates Porn for Overstressed Clergy | Frontpage Mag

It seems the priesthood isn’t what it used to be.


All but two of these headlines were gleaned from one day’s worth of perusing the news. That’s correct, ten of the twelve were from reports of December 1. Any one of them illustrates a profound change in society from not so long ago and portends potentially dire consequences.

Taken together they are quite a snapshot of America (and the West in general) circa 2022. None of these would have been thinkable in 1972. Or 1982. Probably not in 2012, either.

So-called progressives are winning the culture wars in a rout. 

But this doesn’t look like “progress” to me.

It looks like a harbinger of chaos and disaster.



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