Thursday, December 29, 2022

January 6: "Insurrection" Or Set-Up?


The January 6 select committee finally released its report on December 23, after most Americans had turned their attention to celebrating Christmas with family and friends-- a sure sign that it contained nothing extremely damaging to Donald Trump or his supporters.

We know that Trump had offered to send 20,000 National Guard troops to Washington, D.C., prior to January 6 to prevent anything untoward from happening, Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned him down. We know that the government was aware that the possibility of violence existed. The FBI used the threat tag “CERTUNREST2021 to categorize in advance information pertaining to Jan. 6. Speaking of the FBI, we know that there were numerous FBI agents planted in the crowd at the Capitol Building. After protesters entered the Capitol Building, some at the behest of Capitol Police, Pelosi chose to play the part of a victimized public servant, though it may be more likely she helped orchestrate the entire debacle. (Oddly enough, her filmmaker daughter just happened to be at the Capitol for the soon-to-be infamous event. How convenient. What are the odds?)

By contrast, a report by Republican House members, also released last week, noted that Pelosi’s staff spent weeks preparing for the electoral certification vote scheduled for the afternoon of January 6th. Republicans were deliberately left out of discussions related to security. Pelosi’s staff reportedly engaged in lengthy and deep discussions and planning efforts well prior to Jan. 6, all without the involvement of Republicans. The public still has no real idea what they discussed or planned.

More and more it appears that “January 6” was a carefully choreographed operation to prevent Trump from ever holding office again-- and to permanently discredit and criminalize the “Make America Great Again” movement and all its supporters. And that the January 6 select committee was not a truth-seeking body, but a vehicle for a cover-up.

It seems very likely that Democrats and the Biden administration set up Jan. 6...and then used the Jan. 6 Committee to hide that fact while directing outrage at Trump supporters.

There is a reason why I often say Democrats are brilliant at being evil.




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