Sunday, December 11, 2022

"DFL" And "GOP" Acronyms Need Updating


Today, “DFL” should stand for “Democratic-Fascist-Lunatic” Party,” and “GOP” for “Grand Old Panickers.” Democrats are typically the aggressors, attacking, accusing, badgering and bludgeoning (usually figuratively) their ideological foes. Republicans, worried sick about how they might be perceived by certain groups, almost always acquiesce, compromise, or back away from a fight. Despite the fact they typically have demonstrably better policy prescriptions. The whole show is revolting.

This is all the more depressing—and perplexing—because today’s Democrats have no new ideas, no track record of success to tout. Historically, all their policy prescriptions end with countries thrust into privation, despair—and tyranny. And often a great many deaths.


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