Monday, December 26, 2022

New York Senator Proposes Bill Allowing Residents To Sue Oil Companies For "Climate Negligence"


Democratic New York state Senator Zellnor Myrie recently proposed legislation that, if passed, would allow Empire State residents to file lawsuits against oil companies accused of "climate negligence," according to the New York Post. Myrie’s proposal currently awaits review by the Senate Rules Committee.

Myrie bizarrely claimed that he modeled his proposed bill after Texas’ heartbeat law, which bans abortion after six weeks' gestation, though he referred to the Texas law as "odious" and "dangerous.” Nonetheless, he argued that private citizens should be able to bring legal action against oil and gas companies for damages related to fossil fuels.

That the two have absolutely nothing in common in no deterred him. He told the State of Politics, "If legislators can use private rights of action to cause harm and restrict access to healthcare, we should also be able to use this concept to save our planet and protect our lives.” Huh?!

He added, “My message to the fossil fuel industry is simple: You will be held accountable for the damage you cause to New York's environment. I look forward to advancing this critical legislation."

This perfectly encapsulates the literal insanity of Democrats’ “thinking.” It is illogical, the opposite of reality, and steeped in bitterness and entitlement rather than gratitude and wonder. It is also disdainful of truth-- and God.

And, of course, it is wildly hypocritical. Senator Myrie would never give up everything that fossil fuels/abundant, inexpensive energy have bequeathed him. He isn’t going to neglect to heat his home in the winter or use the air conditioning in the summer. He isn’t going to pledge to give up using all petroleum-related products. He isn’t going to give up traveling by air. He isn’t going to refuse to be driven around in limos or SUVs. And he sure as hell isn’t going to pledge to travel only on foot or by bicycle. So, what gives?

Myrie is a parasite, living off of taxpayers’ largess. (And, likely lobbyists’, too.) He is a typical virtue-signaling moron who hasn’t ever run a business or had to try to succeed in the private sector. He is a product of America’s wildly radical higher education establishment, namely Fordham University and Cornell Law School.

Myrie, and those like him, should remember that prior to the advent of abundantly produced and therefore inexpensive fossil fuels such as oil and its attendant gasoline and petroleum products, life was hard, dark-- and short-- for most of the world’s citizens.

Thankfully, there are still some folks around that were alive during World War II. And most of us were alive during at least the latter part of the Cold War. Would it have been better for the world if the West had banned oil extraction and use prior to that time? Would it have been better for “the climate” or “the planet” if the Third Reich or the Soviet Union had prevailed?

If there was “justice,” in this world-- “climate,” “social,” or otherwise-- lawsuits could be filed against those who purport to be “public servants” but who are really working against the public’s interest and solely for their own.

Imagine if the anti-fossil fuel, anti-oil, and anti-capitalism campaigns had been successful many decades ago.

Can you say “reparations?” Those responsible for preventing the greatly enhanced prosperity, longevity, freedom, leisure time, happiness, survival—progress-- of hundreds of millions should have been made to pay reparations to everyone else.

When my dad was alive, he used to shake his head when someone bitched and moaned about a minor car problem. He would say, “In truth, we should all fall on our knees and thank the Lord that our vehicles, composed of thousands upon thousands of interlocking and complimentary parts sourced from various places, almost always start, get us quickly to where we want to go, and do so efficiently, safely and in almost any weather.”

My dad was not a Democrat.

On a personal level, bitterness and entitlement are not a recipe for happiness or success. On a macro level, it will destroy a nation.

Gratitude and wonder, on the other hand, serve both the individual and the nation well.




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