Tuesday, December 20, 2022

ABC Host Blames Republicans For Border Crossings


ABC host Martha Raddatz exhibited world-class asininity recently when interviewing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) about the state of the U.S.’s southern border. Raddatz said, “You talk about the border wall, you talk about open borders, I don't think I've ever heard President Biden say, we have an open border come on over.” Duh.

She added, “But people I have heard say it are you, are former President Trump, Ron DeSantis, that message reverberates in Mexico and beyond. So they do get the message that it is an open border and smugglers use all those kinds of statements.” No, smugglers use the open borders that President Biden refuses to fortify—or visit.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard President Biden say inflation is through the roof, the economy sucks, and crime is rampant either, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t so. Of course, Biden isn’t going to bring up things that are—or by all rights should be—extremely embarrassing to him. Just as obviously, his political opponents will—and should. Especially when they’re trying to save the country.

 If Raddatz possessed the IQ of a radish she would know this. If she was an objective reporter, she would admit it. Instead, she tried to blame the rush of illegal immigrants, and the concomitant rampant drug and human trafficking, on those trying to solve the problem Biden has created.

The mainstream media takes ass-hattery to a new level seemingly every day.


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