Wednesday, December 21, 2022

40% Of Students At Liberal Arts Colleges Now Identify As LGBTQ, Study Finds


According to a recently released report by the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, a center-right think tank that researches partisanship in academic and scientific fields, almost 40 percent of students at liberal arts colleges identify as LGBTQ.

The report, titled “Diverse and Divided: A Political Demography of American Elite Students,” stated: “Liberal arts colleges are the least politically diverse. Many have almost no conservatives, and thus very low viewpoint diversity. But they have high sexual diversity, at nearly 40 percent LGBT.”


The data used to compile the report show that overall 23 percent of U.S. college students identify as LGBTQ, a percentage similar to that of a February 2022 Gallup poll which found that 20.8 percent of Generation Z identified as LGBT. (Perhaps the other 2.2% were “Q”s.)


Unsurprisingly, the report found that those who identify as ‘very liberal’ are substantially more likely to say they are LGBT and that white, left-wing activists are extremely likely to do so.

The report linked the trend of higher LGBTQ student populations at liberal arts colleges to their majority female demographics. It also noted that, at three of the 159 campuses surveyed, a majority of students identified as LGBTQ. This was true of 51 percent of students at Oberlin, 61 percent at Wellesley, and an incredible 70 percent at Smith College. The latter two are women-only schools.

These results illustrate the continuing rapid rise in the number of young people identifying as something other than heterosexual. (Apparently, anything other than boring old heterosexual! Mind-boggling.) “Just” 38 percent of Wellesley’s young scholars identified as LGBTQ in 2016, so that bastion of higher education has experienced a 23 percent increase in non-heterosexuals in under six years. At this rate, a decade from now you won’t be able to find a single non-LGBTQ student on campus. Celebrate diversity!

Why did God bother to make us male and female? (“Male and female He created them.”) It appears fewer and fewer people wish to mate with and/or spend their lives with members of the opposite sex, though a rapidly growing number of folks want to be a member of the opposite sex. This is surpassingly strange and could only have happened with the concurrent collapse of Christianity and the ascent of “higher education.”







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