Friday, December 23, 2022

Teachers Trying To "Protect" Students From Christian Symbols


Incredibly-- and illogically-- the self-same teachers who push Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom and who revel in discussing every conceivable sexual orientation and practice with young students are absolutely determined to keep their charges from being exposed to any Christian symbols during the Christmas season. In fact, they don’t want you to even say the word “Christmas.”

The blog We Are Teachers recently reposted a 2018 Facebook article titled “Holiday Decorations Don’t Belong in Classrooms—Period.” So, it’s okay to adorn one’s classroom with a LGBTQ and/or BLM flag, but not with Christmas decorations? Yup. Why? The article cited a number of reasons, including the fact that “Not everyone celebrates Christmas.” Well, not everyone celebrates gay pride or the burning and looting of American cities, either, but that doesn’t seem to matter to these insane “educators.” Another reason listed was, “The holidays are difficult for a lot of kids.” Yeah, and being forced by adults to talk about their nascent sexuality, much of which they don’t yet understand, is difficult for a lot of kids.


Then there was, “If you’re really concerned about bringing some holiday cheer, there are more meaningful ways to do it.” Yeah, like maybe dressing up in “pup play” gear or urging your peers to attend a “family friendly” drag-queen show.


And, of course, there was mention of the Constitution. Because, you know, the founders meant to inhibit the practice of Christianity in America while protecting the absolute, inviolate, God-given right of teachers to discuss polyamory and anal sex with their 11-year-old elementary school students.


And now a British university’s “inclusive language guidance” document recommends using the phrase “winter closure period” in place of “Christmas closure period” because the latter is … “too Christian-centric.” Yes, “Christmas” would necessarily be kind of “Christian-centric” due to Christ’s central role in the religion.


It is ironic and amusing that the We Are Teachers blog actually states, “don’t say Christmas,” unlike Florida’s alleged “Don’t say gay” bill which never used/mentioned the word “gay.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Brighton University language guide, developed by staff and students, “is part of [a] shared commitment to making Brighton a place where everyone feels respected and valued.”


Except for Christians, obviously.



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