Friday, December 2, 2022

San Francisco's "Sustainable" Toilet Of The Future Breaks Down After Three Days


San Francisco city officials recently unveiled a new, self-cleaning toilet designed to reflect San Francisco values. The city’s Department of Public Works stated via press release that the "next-generation restrooms are environmentally sustainable, brighter and easier to keep clean."

Unfortunately, like many of the city’s residents, the magical toilet quit working within a few days of its debut. The so-called "Amenipod,” touted by the San Francisco Chronicle as the "future of public toilets,”  had been installed on the outskirts of Embarcadero Plaza and was opened to the public on November 23rd. It broke down three days later.

I was under the impression that San Francisco itself was “the future of public toilets,” based on the staggering amount of human excrement on several of the city’s streets and walkways.

 Sustainable defecation seems a perfect metaphor for what’s happening in—and to—America today…courtesy of the Democrat-Socialist Party. Although, on second thought, it isn’t sustainable in the long run.

If our leaders continue to buy into wokeism and anti-capitalism, we may someday soon “achieve” near Soviet-style incompetence and malfunction.

These “next-generation restrooms” may or may not prove to be unusable when exposed to the real world. The bigger problem by far is that America may be figuratively in the crapper before long.

In related news, supervisors in San Francisco recently voted to give city police the go ahead to use potentially lethal, remote controlled robots in emergency situations. This authorization followed an emotionally charged debate among the politically liberal board members over support for law enforcement.

While the San Francisco Police Department says it has no plans to arm the robots with guns, the department could deploy robots equipped with explosive charges, “to contact, incapacitate, or disorient violent, armed or dangerous suspects” when lives are at stake, according to Allison Maxie, SFPD spokesperson.

Potentially lethal robots armed with explosives? What could go wrong?

Perhaps the city should use the robots to clean the city’s toilets—and its streets and walkways—and stop making insanely expensive “futuristic” toilets and garbage cans.



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