Thursday, December 22, 2022

Educator Beclowns Herself, Sun Rises In The East


A Chicago-area high school “literacy coach” recently recorded a video of herself in which she admits to “indoctrinating” the students in her charge, while simultaneously mocking “right-wing conspiracy theorist nut jobs” for believing that teachers are indoctrinating the students in their charge.

In her video, Crete-Monee High’s Heather Marie Godbout, a member of the school’s Equity Team, also notes she is opposed to traditional grading policies — because grades get “conflated with other things that aren’t actually learning, like effort or ‘work ethic,’ whatever that means.”


It is sadly not surprising that a member of a school’s “Equity Team” purports to be unfamiliar with the concept of “work ethic.”


Godbout, who sports purple hair, stated: “All you right wing conspiracy theory nut jobs who seem to think the teachers are out here just indoctrinating children into some sort of woke agenda that you can’t actually define, I’m just going to come clean. I am, in fact, indoctrinating your children.” She then went on to essentially claim that she was just trying to properly educate her students, presumably so they don’t grow up to be what she considers “right wing conspiracy theory nut jobs.”


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