Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Correct Pronouns Used For Victims Of Colorado Shooting!


Five people were recently shot to death (and 18 others injured) inside Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs. This prompted authorities to verify the names and the pronouns of the victims by working with their families, instead of merely relying on what the coroner’s office provided them, a Colorado Springs city spokeswoman told the USA TODAY

During a November 21st news conference, Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez identified those fatally shot by stating their names – and their pronouns.

Vasquez said, "We respect all of our community members, including our LGBTQ community. Therefore, we will be identifying the victims by how they identified themselves and how their families have loved and identified them."

He continued: “Kelly Loving; pronouns are ‘she/her;’ Daniel Aston; pronouns are ‘he/him;’ Derrick Rump; pronouns are ‘he/him;’ Ashley Paugh; pronouns are ‘she/her;’ Raymond Green Vance; pronouns are ‘he/him.’”

It is ironic that all five, identified as cisgender, “Loving” and “Rump” included, while the shooter claimed to be non-binary.

But the important thing-- the key takeaway from this heinous act of violence and terror-- is that, though all five may be dead, by God the correct pronouns were used when referring to them! Right? I bet somewhere, even now, they are so proud! So proud!

By-the-way, what are the correct pronouns for dead people? And do they still get to choose them?

In any case, let’s not concern ourselves with the root causes of depression, insanity and the rising rates of violent crime. Do not mention the defund the police movement, cashless bail, or the skyrocketing rate of recidivism! Don’t say a word about the shocking lack of punishment for repeat offenders!

Lockdowns? Pshaw! Social distancing for a couple of years? No big whoop.

And never bring up the war on Christianity, traditional values, patriotism, standards, and the family! So what if our young ones are not encouraged to believe in God, family, or nation, but are urged to disdain them all in favor of a virtually religious belief in big government and “experts?”

Is it so wrong to effectively cede our free will, morals, and spirituality to what President Trump deemed “The Swamp?” Is it so wrong to baselessly despise “MAGA” types to the depth of one’s soul? Or might it possibly be detrimental to countless millions to mock them…and the Bible’s promised gift of “faith, hope, and love?”

But who cares?

Victims may be piling up, but at least we are using their “correct” pronouns.



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