Friday, December 16, 2022

Stick A Fork In Canada


Christine Gauthier is a retired Canadian Army Corporal and former Paralympian, who has been restricted to a wheelchair since surviving an accident when she was in the service. Gauthier recently testified that she has been waiting years for a wheelchair lift for her home. She also testified that, when she expressed her frustration to a Veteran Army of Canada (VAC) caseworker, she was promptly offered the option of being euthanized. According to a report in PJ Media, the caseworker allegedly said, “Madam, if you are really so desperate, we can give you medical assistance in dying now.” Gauthier was understandably stunned at the “offer.”

At least four other Canadian vets have come forward with similar allegations, and all dealt with the same caseworker.

“Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Can we kill you now?” Wow. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Sure. If anyone should be offered “medical assistance in dying,” it should be the caseworker.

Sadly, the erstwhile friendly, inoffensive, down-to-earth nation with its head screwed on straight is no more. Justin Trudeau and assorted other authoritarian leftist whackos are deep into the process of turning Canada into a far-less-populated version of China. Whether they are criminalizing dissent, threatening and freezing the assets of those with whom they disagree, or suggesting assisted suicide to, well, almost anyone who may not be useful to their pursuit of permanent rule, these existentially dangerous morons have proven to be anathema to what was once a relatively strong, free and prosperous society.

And that’s not all. Corus Entertainment, one of Canada’s largest media companies, is actively lobbying the True North’s federal government to grant it large sums of taxpayer money. This is the same media conglomerate whose numerous subsidiaries were hyper-active in pushing restrictive COVID measures-- and the anti-Freedom Convoy narrative. What a surprise. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Canada’s House of Commons finance committee recently released details of a petition whereby Corus Entertainment asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government to subsidize their payroll by 25 percent! Imagine Fox News pleading with the Biden administration for a 25% subsidy. Corus Entertainment bigwigs would go ballistic. In “defense” of Corus Entertainment, some Canadian news and broadcast content providers are already receiving direct, ongoing financial support from the federal government.

At which point, media companies become nothing more than state media outlets, mouthpieces of government, akin to Pravda or the Korean Central News Agency. They have abandoned all pretense of objectivity, neutrality and “journalistic ethics,” and simply voluntarily opted to be the propaganda arm of a political party. In Canada’s case, the Liberal Party-- in America’s, the Democratic Party. In days of yore, the Fourth Estate claimed its job was to “speak truth to power.” Today it is happy suckling on the government’s teat while hiding the truth from everyone still naive and/or dumb enough to believe it.

Incredibly, in 2019, Canuck Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an election-year promise that the Liberals would give the nation’s legacy media $595 million in federal assistance over four years. (And he won, proving that far too many Canadians’ brains are permanently frozen.) So much for a “free press.” And this is a kind of “feedback loop,’ with a propagandizing press preventing people from accessing and processing unbiased, accurate information. Separation of church and state? How about separation of media outlets and state when “liberals” are in power?

After prevailing in the election, the Trudeau government promptly amended Canada’s Income Tax Act to allow for 25 percent payroll rebates to news companies, a measure subsequently approved by the Minister of Revenue. 

The beat rolls on.

And, tragically, the American mainstream media is no better, as it continually reminds us.

What should be the easiest lesson to learn in human history…seems somehow never to be truly learned by many. That lesson is: in all ages, in all places, leftists/Marxists/socialists destroy everything, especially freedom and dignity.  Period. That holds true for the Soviet Union, East Germany, Cuba, North Korea, China, Venezuela, and numerous other nations of lesser note.

It will also hold true for Canada. And the United States.

Assisted suicide writ large.


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