Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Uncontrolled Gun Control Idiocy

                Gabrielle Blair is a popular parenting and design writer, blogger, mom of six, and New York Times bestselling author. “Gabby” (as she says some call her) claims her site, Design Mom, is “all about the intersection of design and motherhood,” and adds, “I think you’re going to love reading Design Mom.” Why? She touts her site as having “the most thoughtful parenting ‘convos’ on the web.”
                Hopefully they are more thoughtful then the comments she recently made on Twitter to Exposing Gun Control, a site against stricter gun control regulations. Blair said “a gun extremist will immediately imagine an armed intruder who has come to murder” when thinking of protecting his or her family. She then flatly states: “That’s not going to happen.” She reiterates, saying, “The thing you don’t understand: There isn’t going to be an armed intruder. That’s just your paranoia.”
                Tell that to the 200,000-plus victims of violent household burglaries in the U.S. every year. According to the Department of Justice, on average there are nearly 3.7 million home invasions each year. And, each year, over one-half million citizens use a firearm in self-defense.
                Gabby stated: “The reality is, you’re probably going to die of heart disease or diabetes, or just old age and natural causes.” Maybe…if I protect myself and my family from violent criminals, Nostradamus. She noted that “people who actually interact and care for children each day” think of things like “using car seats, preventing hormones and dangerous chemicals in food, child-proofing the cleaning supplies and (preventing) schoolyard bullying.” Yes, I can’t sleep most nights worrying about a hormone getting past me into my children’s food.
                Ms. Blair seems oddly possessed by inanity. She continued exercising her anti-gun demons by declaring: “If you want to protect your family, things like seatbelts, fire alarms, and life insurance are your best bet.” This might be hard for you to fathom, Gabby, but gun owners utilize these things, too. @designmom’s thread of nonsense continued unabated. She wrote, “I for sure value the lives of children more than your right to own a gun. FOR SURE. 100%.”
  I’m sure I speak for all my fellow firearms owners when I say, “I for sure value the lives of my children—and other loved ones and innocents—more than your right to spew non sequiturs across the Twitterverse, Gabby.”
 Then Ms. Blair, ever happy to beat a dead horse, reiterated her earlier reiteration, saying: “There are far better ways to protect your family than a gun. Get a life insurance policy.”
 Au contraire, Ms. Blair. Get a gun. That way, perhaps your loved ones won’t need their life insurance policies…just yet.
 Unless you’d rather get cold, hard cash for their cold, dead bodies.

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