Wednesday, December 4, 2019

London Terrorist Subdued By Unusual Object

                The bystanders who subdued Usman Khan, the once and future terrorist, after he killed two people and injured several others near the London Bridge recently, were anything but pedestrian. One of them was a Polish chef named Lukasz, according to The Sun newspaper. Lukasz, who works at Fishmonger’s Hall, where the attack began, saw Khan begin slashing at people with a large kitchen knife and then head out into the street. Lukasz grabbed a 5-foot-long ornamental narwhal tusk* off the wall and, with the help of another man wielding a fire extinguisher, eventually overpowered Khan.
                Lukasz suffered a significant injury during the incident. Khan was finally shot dead by police. No one knows how many more people would have been killed and injured had the Polish Chef not had the presence of mind to utilize a narwhal tusk as a weapon to stop a terrorist attack.
                One man and one woman were stabbed to death in the assault. According to the BBC, the man has been identified as Jack Merritt, a University of Cambridge graduate who, ironically, worked for a prison rehab nonprofit. Khan had been released from prison “on license,” meaning he had to meet certain conditions to avoid being re-incarcerated. I’m guessing he didn’t meet them. But, hey, what are five people killed or injured compared to the P.C. points awarded for letting a convicted Muslim terrorist out of prison early for good behavior? Also ironically, Khan started the attack during a conference on prisoner rehabilitation called, “Learning Together.” 
                The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that Khan is one of its fighters.
                I can only hope that Khan saw Lukasz coming and thought: “What the…I think is narwhal tusk! Oh shit, I am screwed!”
                And what did we Learn Together? Look for Britain, ever vigilant in preventing its native citizens from defending themselves, to demand that all extant narwhal tusks be registered, turned in to authorities, or destroyed.
*A narwhal is a mid-sized whale sometimes known as the "unicorn of the sea" because of its distinct "tusk", which is actually a tooth. It lives in Arctic waters in the vicinity of Canada, Greenland and Russia.

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