Saturday, December 14, 2019

Alyssa Milano Appalled At Trump's Inappropriate Remarks

                Hollywood actress, Trump hater, left-wing activist, and aspiring rocket scientist Alyssa Milano took to Twitter recently to bemoan the fact that she had to make her 8-year-old son leave the room while the news aired a clip of President Trump talking about disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page. Milano was likely referring to a moment at an October rally when Trump improvised an impassioned chat between Page and her similarly disgraced lover, fellow agent Peter Strzok, with whom she carried on an extramarital affair. The ever-classy Milano, star of such classic movies as “Mistresses,” “Insatiable,” and “Alyssa Milano Sex Tape,” noted that it was “so unfair to parents” that Trump’s improv was not G-rated.
                Milano’s actual tweet read, “It’s f*cking upsetting that I can’t allow my son to listen to our president because our president is inappropriate, misogynistic, and unpresidential.” Except there was no asterisk in place of the second letter in the second word of her tweet berating the president’s “inappropriate” language.

                Milano is not very effing good at recognizing hypocrisy.

                Others chimed in, blasting the president for his slightly off-color remarks. “Miss Prissy,” a.k.a. “The California Coochie,” a popular porn star who has made over 100 adult movies, tweeted: “It’s sad when I can’t even let my bleeping 16-year-old daughter listen to the effing president ‘cuz he says so much motherf**king, unacceptable, inappropriate shit.” She added, “And he, like, demeans women and shit.”
                John Kerry simply opined: “F**kin’ sad.”
                Rep. Rashid Tlaib was even terser, tweeting: “Mothereffer.”
                Joe Biden, on the campaign trail, remarked: “It’s a big f*cking deal if kids can’t listen to their president. I like kids. I like them sitting on my lap.”
                I am sure Alyssa and her fellow Trump-haters are equally appalled at the many extramarital affairs that JFK conducted, LBJ’s penchant for “letting it all hang out” in front of reporters and followers, and Bill Clinton’s extramarital abuse of a young intern while on the phone in the Oval Office, all of which actions were, by any measure, orders of magnitude more “inappropriate” than anything Trump has done.
                So, Alyssa, turn down your rap music and turn off your movies. Your indignation is severely misplaced.

 And that is f*cking upsetting.

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