Sunday, December 15, 2019

Anti-Muslim Backlash?

                The aftermath of the latest terror attack committed by Islamic extremists was utterly predictable. After 21-year-old Mohammed Alshamrani killed three and wounded eight members of the U.S. navy at the Pensacola Air Station recently, mainstream media outlets immediately noted that local Muslims were totally shocked and devastated by the attack, and were also living in abject fear of an anti-Muslim backlash. This is specious, as, no matter how many acts of Islamic terrorism occur, anti-Muslim backlashes seldom—if ever—result. This fact in no way discourages those truth-seekers in the mainstream media, however, as they always promptly set off on a hunt for the elusive backlashes as soon as the next bomb vest goes off, gay bar is shot up, or skyscraper comes crashing down.
               Clearly these are very forgiving times, at least to criminals. We have become a kinder, gentler nation to terrorists-- and assorted others who wish us grievous harm. You wouldn’t have seen any of the following headlines adorn American newspapers in yesteryear:

*”Japanese Fear Anti-Japanese Backlash After Pearl Harbor Attack”

*”Germans Fear Anti-Aryan Backlash For V-2 Bomb Attacks On London Civilians”

*”British Fear Anti-Brit Backlash After Lexington And Concord”

*”Manson Family Fears Anti-Manson Family Backlash After Recent Murders”

               There are many good and decent Muslims, be they American citizens or not. In truth however, only a tiny percentage ever really speak out against crimes such as this. If the circumstances were reversed, the press in largely Muslim nations would happily, righteously report the death of the American perpetrator…perhaps by stoning or beheading. No one would worry about an “anti-American backlash.” No one ever does.
               It should not come as a surprise to Muslims that some would assume a “backlash” might occur following yet another heinous act of Islamic terrorism. The real shock is that it doesn’t.

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