Sunday, December 22, 2019

"Somber" Democrats Celebrate Impeachment

                Just prior to the House impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi donned a black dress and took to a podium to tell the world how serious and “somber” a moment this was. Talking heads on CNN and MSNBC all stressed that this was a serious, sad, somber, solemn time for all of us. A big decision, a big undertaking, lynching impeaching a president, you know. The last thing they all wanted to do, but they are duty-bound— literally sworn-- to uphold the Constitution and the Founders’ wishes, you see. Therefore, painfully, prayerfully, they had to embark on the unpleasant task.
                What a load of crap.
                Rep. Rashid Tlaib couldn’t contain her joy when she was captured on film walking (on air) to the Capitol for the impeachment vote. She told the reporter in giddy tones she was going to vote to impeach the president. At least this time she didn’t publicly refer to him as the “mothereffer.”
                Washington Post reporters who were tasked with covering the coup events leading up to impeachment tweeted out a picture of themselves at a local watering hole gleefully holding up their drinks with the message, “Merry Impeachmas” accompanying the photo. Solemn and sober, indeed.
                The day after the vote, Nancy Pelosi herself, decked out in a bright red celebratory dress, exclaimed that “people have a spring in their step because the president was held accountable for his reckless behavior.” “Journalists” in the mainstream media who reported on the “historic” impeachment were fairly bursting with mirth and self-satisfaction.
                Those in The Swamp, academia, and the aforementioned mainstream media-- and their fellow leftists everywhere-- were drinking, dancing, joking, employing noisemakers, dropping balloons, and shooting pixie dust out of their asses after the House vote was finalized. It reminded me of nothing so much as the hilarious old CareerBuilder television commercial in which “a bunch of monkeys” are celebrating what they think was a great sales period for their company…until someone comes into the room, flips the chart they’d been looking at upside-down, and sets them straight.
                If there is a God in Heaven, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will truly be somber on November 4th, 2020.

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