Saturday, December 7, 2019

"No Malarkey" Tour Coming To A Town Near You

    Joe Biden has embarked on his freshly minted “No Malarkey” Tour.
                If that doesn’t fire up the Millennials, I don’t know what will. Are he and his minions riding on the “No Balderdash Bus?” So hip. So hot. Maybe they can hop on the “No Hogwash Highway,” too. Don’t be a “wisenheimer,” daddy-o, they won’t be “cruisin’ for a bruisin’,” I promise. This is neato! What a bitchin’ tour name!
                Apparently, the “No Twaddle” Tour, the “No Poppycock, Baloney, or Gibberish” tour, the “No Tripe, Flummery, Bosh, Claptrap, Crock, Bunkum, Bull, Hooey, or Drivel” Tour, and the “No Flim-Flam” tour all lost out to the “No Malarkey” designation.
                What will the Biden campaign come up with next? I’m keen to guess!
                So, when the telegraph office announces that the “No Malarkey” Tour will visit your town, hop on your horse or catch a streetcar down to your local ballroom or fairground to attend the event. You’ll have a field day!
                And that’s no malarkey.

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