Friday, November 25, 2016

Trump Trumps Trump?

                                                    Trump Trumps Trump?

                Already, President-elect Donald Trump has backed away from several of his earlier positions on key issues, positions which won him the election. He has reneged on his promise to prosecute Hillary. He is softening his stance on climate change whackos and may be getting a bit weak-kneed about repealing Obamacare. Apparently, it isn’t just politicians that lie to get elected.
                This is why government moves inexorably to the left. Once in government, or even just in its on-deck circle, the rookie politician/leader of the free world is continually bombarded by leftist special interest groups, politicians, power brokers, PACs, celebrities, media types, world bodies, money-men, influence-peddlers, and assorted other cranks and poke-noses, who insist said politician/leader of the free world do something about this issue and promise to give something to this group. The pressure to look compassionate and tolerant and welcoming is overwhelming- indeed unbearable to almost everyone put in that situation, regardless of their beliefs. After all, while conservatism demonstrably does the most to elevate society, it is a very hard sell unless one has conviction, remarkable strength of character, and superb communication skills. And patience.
                Moreover, with the rapid demographic changes upon us, it may well soon be impossible for a conservative to win the popular vote nationally- and locally in many areas.
                I still have hope that Trump will do the right thing on many issues, and am certain that he will be a much better president than Hillary would’ve been. He’s made a few good cabinet choices and has a few key ones left.
                If, however, he ends up touting Rosie O’Donnell or Keith Ellison for elevation to the Supreme Court, I will get nervous. If he recommends he himself be prosecuted for foundation irregularities, he will have done a complete one-eighty.
                Trump was elected because we are on the brink of a misguided, insurmountable transformation.

                We can’t afford to “Make America Wait Again.”

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