Sunday, November 20, 2016

West Coast To Secede From The United States?

                 There is now some talk of secession among Left-Coasters. Yes, there are some in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada who are so upset with Donald Trump winning the presidential election that they would like to divorce them-selves from the United States and shack up with Canada.
                Personally, I hope they succeed in their desire to secede.  (They won’t).
                We Americans will keep the land, though. There’s stuff there that they haven’t made use of that could come in handy for us. Like extractable energy. All the abashed progressives in those states should be allowed- indeed encouraged- to head to Canada…if the Great White North will have them. Maybe the Canucks could institute a massive “Adopt-a-Lib” program.
                One stipulation, however: When Canadians sober up and elect a conservative (ala’ Stephen Harper) to fix everything Trudeau is screwing up, these erstwhile Americans can’t come back to America. There will be no unseceding! Oh, and you folks take all your illegal immigrants with you, please. We’ll keep those immigrants who observed the law on the way into our country. Surely a Trudeau-led Canada is rife with potential sanctuary cities.
                Certain internet types are referring to this Western whim as a potential “Calexit.” A more fitting term, given (southern) California’s well-deserved reputation, would be “Cexit” with a soft ‘C’ as in cessation or ceremony. Perhaps the secessionists can succeed in making VanCouver the new Van Nuys.
                I have my own term for this possible geopolitical game-changer: “CLOWNexit.” (California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada). If this fanciful future flight should take place (and it really should!), conservatives from around the nation could soon thereafter filter into the Land of Milk and Honey, backfilling key areas population-wise, and ensuring a conservative-friendly electorate for years to come.

                CLOWNexit: Let’s Make Some Blue States Red!

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