Monday, November 14, 2016

The Change We Need

                No one has the right to say they “can’t afford” not to spend other people’s money. Period. That is essentially the same as saying “we can’t afford to allow these people to have a car, house, liberty, happiness, etc.” Yet, that is precisely what progressives in government say…and believe.
                In the case of abortion, the mother/couple deciding to abort is really stating: “I/we simply can’t afford to let this baby live, as it would cost me/us too much money, time, or hassle.  The progressive government simply sanctions, protects, and codifies that unnatural “right,” even as it takes away the majority of its other citizen’s natural rights. (And, wanting to use those other people’s money to pay for this, it wishes to subsidize the unnatural "rights" of a few by denying the natural rights of many. Stupefying).
                Life, liberty, property…pursuit of happiness. These fundamental rights are historically what governments believed they had the right to deprive their citizens of, and what- historically and heroically- the American Founder’s bequeathed to us. The Declaration of Independence was an unprecedented proclamation, a clarion call, and a warning to the rest of the world: “Make no mistake, these are Natural Rights, granted by our creator. We will recognize and protect them via a representative republic, the rule of law, and a limited government of, by, and for the people…so help us God.”
                Recently, we have lost our way. Calls to eliminate the Electoral College, and thereby that representative republic, will greatly intensify with the liberals latest loss… to Trump. The rule of law has long been eschewed by the Clintons, and is now under attack by anti-Trump protesters in big cities across the United States. And limited government was exterminated long ago, a victim of both party’s establishment elites. The Democratic Party is openly morphing into a purebred Socialist Party. The Republican Party’s elite clings to Washington like barnacles on a boat’s hull, and runs sniveling, whining and pouting to their safe spaces when any of their precious notions of compliant decorum are challenged by a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz.
                We have been lured and coerced into traveling far from the formerly self-evident pillars of a successful and stable society. This has been done in the name of progressivism, or as it has recently been known in America, “fundamental change.”
                Soon we may get a chance to see if truth and logic can once again trump ignorance, greed, envy and malice. That is the fundamental change we need.

                Let freedom ring.

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