Thursday, November 17, 2016

Progressives Building A Wall To Keep Out Reason

         Let's cut through the moral posturing and phony compassion continually exhibited by boutique liberals. The reason they are so adamantly opposed to immigration restrictions and controlling our southern border is because they know that the vast majority of folks coming into this country illegally will vote for them. This has  proven to be the case, whether we are talking about Latinos, criminals or Muslim refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

If 70% of the people coming across the U.S.'s border with Mexico were historically Republican voters, Democrats would have already built an unbroken 50-foot-tall, 10-foot-thick, electrified wall from the Pacific coast to the Gulf coast. There would be a moat running the length of one side and a starving rottweiler every 10 linear feet on the other, while the previously most breach-able border areas would be additionally fortified with a mixture of landmines and boiling tar-pits.

Progressives love to  preen and strut in public, ostentatiously displaying their inclusiveness and tolerance like glitzy feathers in their version of a peacock's dance. They will thrust their pretty morality tail in everyone's face, claiming they are doing it for the most selfless of reasons, when in reality they just want to get laid.

Far from compassionate, progressivism/socialism is just a slightly less metastasized form of the same fatal disease- collectivism/statism/totalitarianism- that has been responsible for the death and misery of hundreds of millions of souls in the past two centuries or so. (Progressives made excuses for both the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and are still doing so today in the case of Cuba).

Given their track record, progressives simply cannot claim to be both compassionate and sane. The United States is 20 trillion dollars in debt, though our military is in shambles. Since the start of the Great Society in the 1960's, we have spent several trillion dollars on specific programs to end poverty, yet the poverty level is virtually the same as it was at the program's inception. A lower percentage of adults are in the work force than ever before in our history. More and more jobs are part-time only. Wages appear to have permanently stagnated. For the first time in our nation's history, many if not most parents believe their children won't be more successful than they were. College costs are through the roof, yet over half of all college graduates can't find work in their chosen field after leaving school.

Fewer and fewer Americans say that religion is a significant factor in their lives. Studies show that our youth are unhappier and less optimistic than ever before. They are also more spoiled...and jaded. Many don't know the basics of American history and can't pick out Connecticut on a map. Several dangerous diseases that had long since been 100% eradicated in the United States are popping up again. Hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars go to abort babies.

And now there are riots in our streets and race relations are at their worst since the Civil War.

If that is progress, if that is compassion, if that is the fundamental change you liberal clowns so desperately wanted to bring about, I want no damn more of it!

When Ronald Reagan rescued the U.S. from life-support after the Carter Era, we went from mourning America to "Morning in America." Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan, but here's hoping he's no LBJ, either.

At this point I'd gladly settle for "Mid-afternoon in America."

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