Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rioters Protest Trump Election

                Gangsters have taken to the streets in many of America’s biggest cities- setting fire to some things and damaging or destroying others- in “protest” of Donald Trump’s presidential victory. In Chicago, a Trump voter was brutally beaten for exercising his right to vote…in the wrong manner. The mobsters have been joined in some cases by luminaries such as Cher and Madonna. (One would think the hooligans would be protesting Madonna, who recently reneged on her promise to orally satisfy Clinton voters such as these).
                The unholy mix of paid demonstrators, socialists, once-and-future felons, and other assorted human debris hung Trump in effigy and burned American flags when they weren’t assaulting Trump voters or hurling things at police…all while a great many of their ilk sported, “Love Trumps Hate” signs. Not a one of them possessed the mental acuity or moral character to discern the tragicomically obvious irony and hypocrisy of the juxtaposition.
                 On top of all this, President-elect Trump has been the victim of hundreds if not thousands of death threats. Apparently hate trumps Trump.
                Oakland, the American anus, has been hit particularly hard by the delinquent thugs. Cities such as Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and New York have also seen thousands pour into the streets…to set them on fire.
                Anyway, speaking of luminaries, the cruelest blow (I’m not talking about Madonna!) of the post-election madness has been the many Hollywood and mainstream media types (is there a difference?)  who have already reneged on their promises to leave the country if Trump won. I had such high hopes that these gutless fakers, posers and portrayers might actually flee the country. Talk about addition by subtraction! I was going to offer to help them pack. Hell, I might have taken off work and chauffeured the mental midgets to the Canadian border.
                If you don’t recall the rioting, the flaming streets, the flag-burning, and the ubiquitous social media death threats to the president-elect after either Obama election it’s because there weren’t any.
                What does that tell you?

                The entitlement-addled hoodlums in the street are the intolerant ones, the hate-mongers…the real bullies.

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