Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump Team To Demand Recounts, Too?

                 If Team Hillary is allowed to proceed with recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, states she lost by as many as 70,000 votes (Pennsylvania), then surely Team Trump should be green-lighted, if necessary, for recounts in Rhode Island, New Mexico, Delaware, Minnesota, Nevada, Maine and New Hampshire. After all, Trump lost Rhode Island by 70,000 votes, New Mexico by 55,000, Delaware by 50,000, Minnesota by 44,000, Nevada by 25,000, Maine by 20,000 and New Hampshire by only 3,000! Don’t they owe it to the huge numbers of Trump voters in those states? Isn’t it “a fundamental principle of our democracy to ensure that every vote is properly counted?” Is it not “important, on principle,” for the Trump Team to take part in and monitor the process? Or do those sentiments just apply to Clinton?
                And, in Trump’s case, we know that some dead people and illegal aliens were able to cast ballots for Hillary, while the American government itself is on record stating that there was no evidence of substantive hacking or outside interference in the election, as Democrats were worried about.
                So what if these recounts delay the “final” election results for weeks, promote the idea that Trump isn’t a “legitimate” President, encourage more rioting in the streets, and further tarnish the image of the United States abroad?
                Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Hillary told her supporters that they must accept Donald Trump as president, stating “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead,” while acknowledging that the country was even more divided than she had realized?
                I truly am saddened when it turns out- as it almost always does- that I should be even more skeptical of politician’s statements than I already am. This was just one more Clinton lie, one that will fan the flames of hatred and anarchy, further dividing the nation.
                Instead of helping to heal the nation as her concession remarks would suggest she intended, she has decided to screw it…one more time.


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