Thursday, November 3, 2016

Days Of The Voting Dead

                 According to the Pew Charitable Trust, there are now four million dead and ineligible voters on American voter rolls. Think about that, especially in the context of how closely contested most recent American presidential elections have been.
                J. Christian Adams, an elections expert who was the Voting Section Attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice from 2005 through 2010, filed six suits in the past year alone against Philadelphia and Broward County, Florida…places where the voter rolls are seriously corrupted. Moreover, Adams states that he investigated one case in Texas where the “voter” died in 1944. Probably used an “absentee ballot.”
                Now, CBS 2 Chicago reports that investigators in that city have found 119 deceased residents who somehow managed to vote a total of 229 times after they were buried. Talk about your overachievers! According to the station, many dead Chicagoans are never removed from voter rolls. In fact, one man who passed away in 1993 was found to have voted 11 times after his demise.
                What is nearly inexplicable is the fact that the dead vote for Democrats almost exclusively. The Democratic Party must have remarkably successful outreach efforts and marketing strategies for this segment of voters. The party, long accomplished at attracting minorities, has succeeded in getting this majority group to vote for them in numbers that would make the erstwhile Supreme Soviet blush.
                This Weekend at Bernie’s voting scam obviously has to be brought to a halt, or no conservative will ever again be elected to national office. Therefore Democrats/progressives have absolutely no desire to address this problem, indeed are determined to keep thwarting the will of many millions of Americans. The Obama administration continues to obstruct efforts to enact voter I.D. laws, and leftist groups, good “progressives” that they are, continually sue to keep voter rolls locked into the status quo.


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