Friday, November 11, 2016

We Were Worried Trump Wouldn't Accept The Election Results?

                 Prior to the election, Hillary supporters and other leftists were stricken with terror over the possibility of Donald Trump not accepting the results of the voting. They consumed themselves with worry that Donald the Bully might not fully embrace the fruits of the democratic process, might not listen to the people, might not properly respect the free will of the majority of the inhabitants of this enlightened republic.
                Well, the process worked, the people have spoken and Trump is the president-elect.
                And tens of thousands of those who just days ago were urging Trump to respect the rule of law are trashing inner cities and lighting the streets on fire in a crazed totalitarian-esque tantrum. Twitter, playground of choice for arrested adolescents and assorted moral misfits, is strewn with uncountable death threats hurled at Mr. Trump.
                Leftists, despite the staggering “gains” and inroads they’ve achieved in their attempt to remake society in recent years, are never satisfied unless they get everything they want, every time, immediately. When they don’t, they throw public hissy fits and break things. They routinely exhibit the very worst of the behavior they claim to believe their opponents capable of.
                 I can tell you with certainty that, had Trump lost, he wouldn’t now be in the streets committing vandalism, throwing things at cops, threatening to kill Hillary, and burning American flags.

                If you are a sentient being observing these protests from near or far, you are seeing- yet again- the rampant hypocrisy, thuggery, and intolerance of those on the left.

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