Monday, November 7, 2016

Physical Violence By Hillary Clinton Supporters/Trump Haters Suppressed By Media

                Physical attacks on local Republican offices, Trump supporters- and their personal property- have become even more common in recent days as the election draws nigh and the Clinton Machine and its supporters start to panic over their narrowing lead.
                A number of Trump supporters have been harassed, beaten up and hit with flying objects over the past months. Anti-Trump violence has been a fixture on many campuses. Conservatives on campus have been threatened, hit, or silenced on a routine basis. Not that you’ll see any of this reported on the evening news or in your local town’s fish-wrap  newspaper.
                They looked the other way when a 60-year-old man was shot (in the leg) at a Cleveland tavern…by a Hillary Clinton supporter.
                Then, on October 26th, a man dressed as a construction worker demolished Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The man used a sledgehammer and a pick-ax to obliterate Trump’s name on the sidewalk. What if somehow this scenario was reversed? Think it might be considered indicative of the “bully” Trump, and his crazy, extremist, crackpot supporters from deep within the “Basket of Deplorables?”
                In many areas around the nation, Trump signs have the life expectancy of a snow-cone dropped on a hot sidewalk. Signs are routinely defaced, stolen or in some cases run over.
                And did anyone get sick of the wall-to-wall coverage the media gave to the foiled assassination attempt on Donald Trump at a rally this past summer? You know, the one where Michael Steven Sandford, a 20-year-old British citizen who was in the United States illegally after overstaying his visa, tried to pull a gun from the holster of a police officer at a Trump rally in Las Vegas? Sandford, who was arrested, later told the Secret Service that he had driven to the event from California and had been planning to kill the candidate for a year, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Nevada.
                Does anyone think the attempted (premeditated!) murder of a U.S. Presidential candidate by a foreign national during an election campaign might have warranted a bit more coverage than it got? Does anyone think that it wouldn’t have gotten that coverage if it was Hillary Clinton the would-be assassin was trying to kill?
                And now the Trump International Hotel and –bizarrely-the Federal Bureau of Investigation, both on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., have been vandalized. Two men were arrested November 5th in connection with the vandalism, in which they allegedly spray-painted both buildings during the Million Mask March.
                I detest bullies. And who are the real bullies? The establishment elites- those who hold power in government, academia, the media, unions, and on Wall Street- will say or do anything to retain and enhance their power, a point hammered home on a daily basis by the Obama-Clinton oligarchy.
                It is time to “drain the swamp.”


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