Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump's Cabinet

                The makeup of Donald trump’s cabinet is not only fodder for speculation, but also a cause for real hope. Rudy Giuliani (“America’s Mayor”) and Chris Christie are likely candidates to be Attorney General and head of Homeland Security, with both potentially being considered for either of the two positions. That’s not a bad start. (Please see my November 6th post, “An Election Unlike Any Other,” where I speculated on a Trump cabinet vs. a Hillary cabinet).
                Ben Carson, a relatively early Trump supporter, may well be considered for Health and Human Services head, or Surgeon General. Newt Gingrich has been rumored to be in the running to become Secretary of State. He would be the most learned and capable State Department leader in many, many moons. John Bolton, one of the smartest and most honest people currently on the planet, is also considered by some to be in the running for Secretary of State. He somehow served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from 2005-2006, without prostrating himself or his country before that bizarrely impotent, incompetent, yet ultimately dangerous body. Going from Hillary Clinton to either Newt Gingrich or John Bolton as State Department head would be like going from having a fourth-string quarterback helm your offense to having Tom Brady under center. Come to think of it, it may actually be like going from having Hillary Clinton as your quarterback to having Tom Brady as your quarterback.
                It appears that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl and Lt. General Michael Flynn, competent and capable all, are among those being considered for Secretary of Defense.
                Moreover, some conservatives are pushing for Ted Cruz to be an early Trump Supreme Court nominee. If he is nominated, approved and appointed- and that will be an uphill battle, even assuming he is interested- Antonin Scalia’s death will, at least in one sense, be avenged, and the United States truly will be given a chance at a few more years of exceptionalism.
                Other notables being considered for cabinet positions or important positions in a Trump administration include Reince Priebus, who helped steer Trump to victory as head of the Republican National Committee even as others snubbed him (Chief of Staff), Sarah Palin (Interior Secretary), former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty (Treasury Secretary), and Mike Huckabee (Health and Human Services).
                Ironically, if many of those listed here get the jobs, the upcoming Trump cabinet has the chance to be the deepest and most competent since the first Ronald Reagan administration. The country would have an outside chance to truly become great again.
                If the election isn’t stolen from him, and if he is not assassinated by the progressive, pacifist, tolerant leftists/statists currently shouting at us that, “Love Trumps Hate!”


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