Friday, November 4, 2016

John Hinckley, Jr. Eligible To Vote Tuesday

                 John Hinckley, Jr. has been granted a full-time release from the psychiatric hospital where he had been living since shortly after he tried to assassinate President Reagan.  He will not be allowed to own a gun at this point, he must work- or volunteer- three days a week, and he isn’t allowed to have any overnight guests while he is living in his mother’s home in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Though it is possible authorities may phase out even these restrictions in 12-18 months).
                One privilege he has immediately regained is his “right” to vote. That’s right, the man who missed killing President Reagan by less than one inch (the bullet lodged in a lung after passing within an inch of his heart), the man who shot James Brady inflicting permanent brain damage, the man who shot a police officer in the back and a secret service agent in the abdomen, the only living man to have shot a U.S. president…will be eligible to cast a vote in the upcoming presidential election.

                        A good general guideline, a rule-of-thumb as it were, would be: if you’ve ever shot a U.S. president, you don’t ever get to vote for one.

                        He can do still more damage by voting for Hillary.

                Maybe Jodie Foster will finally be impressed.

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