Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Left, The Pope, And The Donald

               I have been rendered nearly impervious to the increasingly bizarre and satanic state of the world at this point, and am nonplussed by most things, no matter how insane. The featured opinion piece in a recent issue of my hometown newspaper, however, beggars description. The woman who penned the piece was upset with Pope Francis for not being in favor of women’s ordination.
                She states: “I’m sure it derives from his lifetime of training in praying to ‘the Lord.’ Never praying to Her and begging for mercy from Him does severe emotional damage.”  She continues: “Francis and others who assume there's nothing wrong with praying exclusively to 'the Lord' are the most damaged by it."
                This statement perfectly encapsulates the world view- and the unimaginable hubris- of the left. She has mounted Her high horse in order to lecture the rest of the world, as well as the Pope, on proper pronoun usage when addressing ‘the Lord’…and almighty God.
                Not praying to ‘Her’ does severe emotional damage? Praying exclusively to ‘the Lord’ damages those who do so?
                She goes on to aver that “Father and Son are not facts,” and urges us all to “avoid gendered God-talk.” But wait, there’s more! She finishes with the proverbial flourish: “The pope’s closing the door to women’s ordination seems connected to Donald trump’s win. We need to educate pope and president about sexist God-talk and sexist relationships.”
                There it is! That damn severely emotionally damaged pope! He and Trump probably talk and text more than people know! Trump: “Pope Francis, I just want you to know that I like groping women.” Pope Francis: “Donald, I want you to know that I don’t pray to ‘Her,’ I pray exclusively to ‘the Lord.’”
                Which makes liberals ‘think’: “like-minded bastards! All males are chauvinists!”
                You knew that- somehow- leftists would attempt to link the pope’s dismissal of women’s ordination and habit of praying exclusively to ‘the Lord’ with the election of Donald Trump. Why wouldn’t they?  Pope’s have been praying to ‘the Lord’ for millennia, while Trump was elected last Tuesday. I mean, hello! Anybody would make that connection.

                The truth is, ironically and unfortunately, that organized religion has actually become one of the most effective weapons of the progressives, for the same reasons they are winning on every other front. They have infiltrated and subverted most Western religions, bending them to their own secular purposes. They don’t recognize morality. They will do anything-every time- to advance their cause, while the vast majority of conservatives and moderates don't want to make a scene or appear intolerant. 

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