Sunday, November 13, 2016

President Obama To Pardon Hillary Clinton?

                There has been much discussion of Hillary Clinton being pardoned if she’s ever brought up on charges. Several pundits have pointed out that one of the possible- and legal- scenarios, had she been elected, would’ve been that she actually pardon herself. If you have paid any attention to Hillary’s antics over the years, you know that is exactly what she would have done if given the chance.
                It is possible President Obama will preemptively pardon the former First lady before he leaves office, just to play it safe, and, in his mind at least, further burnish his legacy. If he so chooses, here’s hoping he does it with flair. I’m not sure if he can carry a tune, but I suggest he marry the deed to an old folk song and announce it to the American people thusly:

“I signed her pardon…and I did it in the Rose Garden
Along with the rain there’s gotta be a little sunshine sometime
When you take you gotta give so live and let live and let her go…ho ho ho ho
I signed her pardon…and I did it in the Rose Garden!

                Thank you. Good night…and good bye.”

[Sung to the tune of: (I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC- Joe South]

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