Sunday, October 18, 2015

U.S. Navy Attacks 'Male Privelege'

                 The United States navy, while not possessing as much as a single, active ship that has ever sunk any enemy’s counterpart, is boldly and aggressively attacking  “male privilege” in its own ranks. Its Bureau of Medicine and Surgery is instructing sailors on how to avoid said behavior thru such vehicles as the “Power and Control Wheel” and the “Equality Wheel.”
                The “Power and Control Wheel’s” illumination of what constitutes male privilege includes, “treating her like a servant,” “making the big decisions,” and “refusing to pick up milk on your way home because it’s ‘women’s work’.” Powerful, poignant and apropos points all I’m sure, but WTF?! I mean, WTF??!!
                What does it matter that our navy isn’t tasked with repelling or destroying our enemies, as long as they can sink male privilege?! Before we get too carried away by this torpedoing of macho males, let’s consider some facts.
                The marines have recently finished a study that showed that, on average, in every measurable category, women simply are not as fast, strong or effective as their male counterparts when it comes to necessary war-fighting skills and behaviors, and that this would lead to many, many lives lost if they were 'allowed' to serve as front-line combatants.
                “Male privilege,” for its part, has historically resulted in many, many millions of males dying in wars throughout the world, whereas, until now, females weren’t 'allowed' in combat units.
                I would hope that we could all agree that having our military effectively defend our nation and all her people would take precedence over using it to experiment with social-engineering.

                I would be wrong. 

               This is not your father's navy. It's not even McHale's Navy.

               John Paul Jones, David Farragut and "Bull" Halsey must be rolling in their graves.


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