Sunday, October 11, 2015

Drunk British Vegetarians Tempted By Meat

                 A new survey is out revealing that 1 in 3 British vegetarians polled admit to eating meat “when drunk.”
                Well, I’d always suspected.
 Many people, especially former smokers, crave cigarettes (nicotine) when drinking. This is completely understandable as the ‘downer’ of alcohol signals the body to call for the ‘upper’ of nicotine…and vice-versa. People get many cravings when drunk. Some are desirous of love and physical affection while others are driven to cuss and fight. Still others find themselves inexorably drawn towards the nearest White Castle.  Stop off at your local watering hole some evening and you’ll find that many yearn to sing. Oddly enough, drunks are attracted to karaoke like bugs to a bright light on a warm summer’s night. Yes, when these folks get so drunk they slur their speech and can’t stand upright without help, they apparently believe they are properly prepared to show the world- or at least those within earshot- that they are just one lucky break away from the Grand Old Opry.
I am sure the survey would have had basically the same results in the U.S. (And the 37% that admitted to becoming temporarily carnivorous when tipsy are those who had the courage to push past the shame of admitting blasphemy, so the actual figure could be higher). When liberal, moralizing, holier-than-thou, Prius driving, statist, vegetarian nag’s inhibitions fall away, it is spectacular. Many vegetarians/ vegans don’t just consume vegetation, they smoke it. Yet, after a bottle or two of California’s finest and/or some ‘weed,’ I’ve seen more than one of them attempt to keep a grip on their supposed virtues only to proclaim something like, “Dude, celery isn’t gonna cut it, like I’m so hungry I could eat a horse! Oh, wait, didn’t mean that! Ah, @*!# it, I’m going to Burger King for a Whopper!”


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