Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Pot" Luck

             According to an Associated Press report, 26 lbs. of palletized marijuana fell thru a Nogales, Arizona couple’s carport and onto their dog’s house recently. Nogales is very near the Mexican border and officials believe a smuggler’s plane accidentally ejected the contraband.
Authorities are even now weeding through the evidence. The local D.E.A. representative stated that the town was buzzing with the news, but she cautioned everyone to take a deep breath and chill out. “Holy smokes,” she said, “We don’t really know if this budding story was planted or if it has roots. By-the-way, does anyone have some Doritos?”
                One of the town’s oldest residents is on record as stating, “ I think this is just another attempt by radicals to get this town to go ‘green.’ Personally, I think it’s just gone to pot.”

                (The couple’s dog, Doobie, was in their back yard at the time and was consequently uninjured).

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