Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Anti-Discrimination Training" The New "Re-Education Camp"

                 Robert and Cynthia Gifford of Schaghticoke, N.Y., are the owner’s of a large and beautiful farm in that upstate region of the Empire State. The couple periodically host special events and marriages on their bucolic private property. This is all well and good, but they only consent to hosting marriages between a man and a woman. (I feel faint).
                Predictably, they were sued by a lesbian couple, and a judge found them guilty of discrimination and fined them $13,000.
                They were also ordered to undergo “anti-discrimination” training. These are chilling words indeed, recalling as they do Nazi Germany’s and the Soviet Union’s programs/pogroms for exterminating politically incorrect thought and speech or any dissent from the party line. Many of those who harbored those thoughts and spoke those words were exterminated, as well.

                When arrogant, unelected elites attempt to extinguish the people’s First Amendment rights- and succeed- it is no exaggeration to state that a descent into totalitarianism is often not far behind.

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