Thursday, October 22, 2015

Joe Biden Opts Out

                This just in: Joe Biden has finally decided not to enter the race to become the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. This should come as no surprise to any sentient being, for several reasons, the recent tragic death of his son among them.
                That Mr. Biden has- by comparison to the other Democratic Party candidates- some appealing qualities, was never going to be the deciding factor. He actually appears to be human. He makes the occasional gaff, like George W. Bush did, but, much like Bush, he exhibits real emotion and genuine empathy at times.
                However, the Billary Clintons were never going to allow his entry into the race to be an easy one. You can be sure that Clinton Foundation back-channel communications put ‘subtle’ pressure on Mr. Biden- and his family and support network- to take into account all factors before deciding to enter this race. The Clinton Mafia may have distributed some stills of a lifeless Vincent Foster to strengthen their argument.

                The corrupt, criminal Democratic legacies of Aaron Burr, William Marcy Tweed, the Pendergasts, Richard Daley and Tammany Hall live on, even as the Biden candidacy is aborted in its infancy.

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