Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dexter McCarty, Public Schools And 'Shirt Control'

Gresham, Oregon-

                Dexter McCarty Middle School student Alan Holmes has a brother who joined the marines at the age of 19 and served a tour in Iraq. Alan recently wore a shirt to school that exhibited a traditional soldier memorial and read, “Standing For Those Who Stood For Us.” The shirt depicted a military rifle, barrel first into the ground, partially covered by a helmet on top and a pair of boots below.
                This image is meant to honor buried American soldiers. The ‘weapon’ is used to hold the helmet of the slain soldier when buried in the field, the firearm also taking the place of a cross or other grave marker.
                School officials, however, took umbrage at the visage and told Holmes that the shirt was ‘inappropriate’ because it contained a weapon. They asked him to don a ‘school shirt’ instead. He refused. They told him he must either change shirts or face in-school suspension. He chose the latter…and he got it.
                Alan explained, “I was just upset. I was heartbroken. My brother, he means everything to me. Just being able to help and give back to the people who fought and died for us, it just makes me feel good.”
                If you are a Muslim youth- post 9/11 yet- who brings a briefcase trailing wires into your school and avers that it is, in fact, a “clock,” you will be celebrated. Sure, your “time piece” may be briefly confiscated by ‘bigoted’ school officials, but soon the enraged cries of a world citizenry inflamed by mass-media accounts of this ‘miscarriage of justice’ will come to your defense and you will be hailed as a genius and a victim. You will even receive a congratulatory call from the president of the United States of America!
There are no major news networks outraged at the injustice perpetrated against Alan Holmes,  his brother, common sense, or America.
                My guess is that, inexplicably, Alan Holmes won’t receive a phone call from the president.


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