Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Driven To Distraction

                The progressive’s oppressive culture war is being fought on every imaginable battlefield…and a few unimaginable ones. From the mainstream media to academia, to big business and labor to public restrooms, playgrounds and African National parks. Nowhere on Earth is safe and, make no mistake, Big Brother wants you!
                Or rather, they want you to do some things and not do other things according to their omniscience. No cigarette smoking even in your own space, but legalize marijuana! No killing lions in Africa, but kill all the African-American babies you like here in the U.S.! (Yay, abortion and Planned Parenthood!). Can’t post the Ten Commandments in public spaces, but love that publicly-funded “artwork” of Christ in a jar of urine at New York City “museums!”
                Sadly, it is only progressives that are really fighting. And winning. The majority that doesn’t agree with the progressive’s policies continue to retreat from the battle like those fleeing hurricane Katrina. Any that dare to stand against them are annihilated like critics of Kim Jong-un: blasted with the verbal equivalent of the anti-aircraft fire that leaves no trace left of the Hermit Kingdom leader’s “enemies.” Republicans, elected time and again on their promises to stop the bleeding, instead act like Iraqi regulars late in Desert Storm, surrendering unbidden to any entity they can find.
                The politically-correct Stazi are everywhere, watching everything. Every section of the mass-market newspapers are infected with their dogmatic dreck. Not just the ‘A’ sections, but the ‘Variety,’ sports, business, and ‘local’ sections of nearly all major metropolitan papers toe the party line as if their loved-ones lives depended on it. The comics section, crossword puzzles, you name it, have all become vehicles to carry the messianic message to the masses.
                Recently, one major newspaper had a suggestion from a reader on the front page of its ‘Autos’ section, in the “Questions and Answers” section.  Weighing in on the issue of cell-phone use whilst driving, the responder suggested a “simple solution.” Why not just have the federal government issue a “mandate” to automakers requiring them to install cell-phone jamming devices in all vehicles? The device would be active while the car is in motion and inactive when the vehicle is stopped, and, “any attempt to deactivate the device would cause the entire instrument cluster to crash, resulting in an expensive repair.”
                The paper’s car guru called this a “great idea.” In fairness, he did go on to mention a couple of potential issues with it, but stated that, “I can’t argue the basic validity of forced compliance,” as he opined that the basic problem is a human one. To buttress his take he went on to write, “How many people still fail to buckle their seat-belts,” and, more bizarrely, “How many people still choose a cheeseburger rather than a Big Mac or Whopper in the drive-thru because it’s less messy to eat while driving?” Isn’t that so it’s safer to eat as they don’t have to worry about spillage and clean-up as they go? Is that not a good thing? (Also, a cheeseburger is less detrimental to one’s health than a Big Mac or Whopper). Oh, right. No eating at all should be “permitted” while driving. No cell-phone use. Is the radio okay? What if one’s listening to the end of a particularly exciting game? Engrossed in an especially moving song? Talking to a loved one? These are all potential distractions. Should they all be banned? If one is driving long-distance over the open road, surely these things would help keep one awake, no?
                What of passenger cell-phone use? What if you have a cell-phone and a passenger is having a heart-attack or your wife goes into labor? If you are on an open road/rural highway should you have to  pull off to the side of the road, shut off the vehicle, make your call, turn on your vehicle…? How many lives might be lost?
                As the automotive expert stated, to progressives, the problem is a “human one.” They don’t believe that most individuals are capable of making the correct decisions regarding their own lives and safety. They do, however, believe that they can make the best decisions for other people.

                Something needs to be jammed somewhere. It’s just not what and where liberals would have you believe.

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