Thursday, October 22, 2015

Canada Elects Justin Trudeau

                                                              Oh, Canada!

                What hast thou done? I know it is easy to get bored with a lover- or a leader- after a few years go by and they don’t appear to change or be hip. I mean, how exciting can that be? But, sometimes, consistency is resolve, real belief and a sign of character and substance. That was true of Stephen Harper, even though he was cantankerous at times.
                So now what, Canadians? Justin Trudeau is a ‘hunk,’ but do you really believe all those pretty promises will come to fruition? Is legalizing marijuana really a critical policy issue? So you’re not going to bother with fighting ISIL/ISIS and you are going to go all in on deficit spending to stimulate your economy?
                 You obviously have decided that you want to be just like the United States?!! We might as well merge! We’d be the largest country on earth and still not be a viable military threat to our enemies. At least we could now jointly not use our vast resources together. You may still be the ‘True North,’ but forget about the ‘strong and free’ part in a few years. Kumbaya!
                Soon you’ll be lobbying for the NHL to be a ‘touch hockey’ league to avoid injuries. (It almost is now).

                You couldn’t have done much worse if you’d elected Garry Trudeau. Eh?

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